Learning log D-148

This week one of my LPs had to cancel our meeting because of an exam project, but I will meet my other LP next week on Tuesday. It’s been a few weeks since my last Korean meeting since both of them have been ill, I went to Sicily for a week and then exams have made our lives difficult. These days I’m reading up on my uni materials, but I have gained some motivation from being offered a student job by a big law firm (I’m so excited I can barely contain it!).

I try to sneak in some vocabulary practice during otherwise non-efficient hours by looking at my vocabulary book, listening actively and expanding on the vocabulary book while watching 기황후, and looking up words from Korean music here and there. Studying grammar points when I come home doesn’t sit well with me these days since I’m simply too tired, but I feel like I should.

Listening: 기황후 and music. I feel like I have improved my listening comprehension quite a bit since I started watching it the second time and formalised my note taking although it might be a false sense of security.
Reading: Not really… I studied some of my hanja cards while focusing on the 한글 explanations. This is totally going to come back and bite me…
Writing: Very very few text messages. It almost doesn’t count, really.
Speaking: As for speaking Korean with actual people: none whatsoever. Does the random singing in the shower count? I try to formulate sentences in my head, though, for instance while walking to/from the station. That is when I’m not going over law hypotheticals. AAARGH!

Once my exams are over I really need to hit the Korean books!


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