Listening widely

I was mentally going over vocabulary which resulted in the following stream of words:

이유 – 유배 – 배신 – 신문 – 문자 – 자금

유배: exile
배신: betrayal, treason

Maybe I should try to find a modern drama after I finish 기황후 (and after my exams) just to balance things? 😀

I think my listening comprehension has improved quite a bit, and it’s easier for me to “detect” new words when I hear them.

Just two more episodes to go of 기황후! I will make sure to watch them back to back since there is bound to be some wicked cliffhanger at the end of episode 50. I wonder if I will develop withdrawal symptoms when I finish all of them…


3 thoughts on “Listening widely

  1. 소희

    “배신” definitely also appears frequently in modern dramas. So there should at least be some degree of familiarity when you make the transition into the present 😀 ^^
    I really like your word stream – such a great way of reviewing vocab.

  2. koreanlearner Post author

    Well that’s something! 😀 all my vocabulary related to scheming and conspiring to conspire won’t be a complete waste then 😉

    It’s a bit nerdy, but a fun way to see how long you can keep going even if you don’t have an opponent for an actual game. Sometimes I find my self thinking “where did that word even come from” and then I look it up again to double check myself. It’s like the syllables just find each other… Like 환관 – 관심 – 심연 – 연기
    심연??? Really???


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