Things bilinguals do

In a break from my exam revision I came across this video on youtube about “things bilinguals do”. This is just spot on! Do you recognise some of the things from the video as well?


8 thoughts on “Things bilinguals do

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Haha, I’m only happy to have made your lunch break better 😉
      One that isn’t on the list: mixing languages by mistake. E.g. I once sent an e-mail to a friend and it came back with “that first sentence is *not* English…” I hadn’t even noticed 😀 Or the time I started speaking Swedish to a fellow Dane by accident because he spoke dialect and I had been speaking to Swedes all morning.

      1. 소희

        Haha! Speaking Swedish to a Dane – 😀 I love that one! It must have been a strong dialect. I can definitely relate to the mixing, the mid-sentence shifting, and the eavesdropping 😉

      2. koreanlearner Post author

        It happened twice during that conversation! So embarrassing. The second time his patience seemed to be wearing a bit thin…

        I really do try to be conscious of the shifts, but sometimes odd combinations like “rimelig shady nebengeschäft” just sneak in!!!

      3. 소희

        OMG! “rimelig shady nebengeschäft” 😀 I will HAVE to find a way to say that at some point. The perfect example of a tri-lingual sentence.^^ I’m off to meet my LP in a few mins. Let’s see how many Danish-Korean-English combos I’ll come up with. I’m completely worn out from reading all the exam papers and on my 5th cup of coffee. Anything can happen… 😀

      4. koreanlearner Post author

        It’s brilliant, isn’t it?! 😀
        I’m at the point where I count cups instead of shots of espresso… I’m pretty sure I’ve officially entered the grey zone.
        Have a great language exchange!

      5. 소희

        Language exchange was awesome, except for me saying “nemlig” instead of “맞아요” 😀 Anyway, my LP who LOVES 원빈 was more than a little upset that her favorite 아저씨 was now off the market, or as she phrased it: 품절남^^ Apparently it has been all over the news that he got married over the weekend.
        I got home, and told my husband this cute story, which he thought was rather adorable. 5 minutes later my mother in law calls him asking “have you heard the news from Korea?” My husband then answers: “Do you mean 원빈 getting married?” My mother in law: “Who? No, the MERS virus! Isn’t it horrible.” While the MERS virus is INDEED horrible, I got stomach cramps from laughing this hard! I love how K-drama related news is now the first thing that pops into his head. His transformation is now complete. :D:D

      6. koreanlearner Post author

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh. my. God. This is just precious.

        Thank you for reminding me of the word 품절남 😉 I’m pretty sure I once had it as word of the day. It’s very daily language so not one you find normally in books.

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