Exams coming up…

I think I’m entering a typical pre-exam phase now. It’s not characterised by panic, but by a tremendous urge to do anything but study until I manage to finally sit down and just read. Once I do it’s usually interesting enough, but the process of getting there is paved with a few too many good intentions that are usually not entirely study related. Doing dishes? laundry? general de-cluttering? the other day I even considered whether it was time for defrosting the freezer.

Yesterday and today have been frighteningly slow days for me. Today I have read a chapter on the economic wisdom behind vicarious liability, but I still have quite a bit to go… But never fear, my studies never leave me entirely – yesterday I had a short nap where I managed to dream about liability rules… practical for revision, but otherwise slightly tragic. 

It’s only a matter of time before I develop Korean study withdrawal symptoms.

To all other students out there: 화이팅! 


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