Learning log D-118

This past week I have prioritised fitting in some Korean studies between my uni studies, which I won’t bore you with so let’s just stick to languages.

I use my vocabulary book and memrise to work on vocabulary and ensuring new words stick.

I have texted a bit in Korean.

I admit to watching a few episodes of 화정 here and there while doing the dishes.
Listening to TTMIK.

Not much new, a few TTMIK podcasts here and there.

This coincides with my Japanese homework, but I try to look at the hanja for new Korean words I come across too. As you might have noticed, I have had a few hanja posts based on somewhat random words as well as my hanja cards, but I have adapted my approach a little: I don’t care about the order of the cards when studying. Rather I look at how many of the hanja I already know in a four character expression. If I already know three of them, learning the fourth seems “easy peasy” in comparison to learning four new hanja and a new expression – even if the expression itself for the four new ones is relatively easy.

On a different note, I have changed a few things in my daily routine which I hope will also have an impact on my language studies in the long-run: I have introduced a 10 pm digital curfew and I have joined a gym to get back in shape-shape (because I dislike running outside when it’s raining and then I end up just not doing it). Not that I’m hopelessly unfit at all, but there is definitely space for improvement in endurance, and I just tend to be in a better mood when I work out regularly. The idea is that these two things will help me sleep better at night and improve my focus during the day so I can get more things done. Anything that improves sleep, fitness, and increases my energy for Korean when all my other work is done should surely be a good thing 🙂


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