Study planning

Today I have been getting an overview of the material I would like to go through over the next few months. It is a quite substantial amount, but I try to approach it from the perspective that very few, if any, ever outperforms their own ambitions so I have to set a challenging goal to get anywhere.

You’re probably wondering why the next few months should be any different from the past year where I have continuously been caught up in both academic studies and work. Firstly, I will start a new job in August – one that doesn’t have weekend work and allows me to have a fairly fixed schedule so I can in fact plan my days pretty consistently for an entire semester. Secondly, my academic burden should be bearable next semester although I naturally still have high ambitions for my academic results.

That all sounds very good, but I will be the first to admit that it will be some intense months.

I should probably just get started straight away…


4 thoughts on “Study planning

  1. 소희

    Congrats on acing your exam! Just out of curiosity, is your study plan about Korean or law? Or maybe both? In any case a sample of your Korean study plan would make for a great blog post (and serve as inspiration to a fellow Korean learner who has a few weeks off from uni^^). Your posts continue to remind me that TOPIK day is quickly approaching 😉

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Thank you! I’m so relieved 😀 It was quite a case I got! Very realistic, but I could have talked for much more than 20 min – although I’m happy I didn’t have to 😉 They managed to fit it product liability + vicarious liability + insurance for personal injury + insurance for car damage + property damage in contract + incentives for care through insurance deductibles + a bonus question about the economic difference between two different rules for the policy holder and the insurance company in cases where the policy holder gives incorrect risk information. Oh. My. God.

      The study plan is about both actually 🙂 I had to postpone an exam until August because of illness in the family taking up too much energy. First time ever… The course is quite extensive so it will make for an interesting summer 😉

      Hehehe good idea about the plan. It will also give me some accountability to publish something here ^^
      About TOPIK, I’m already entering the state where I begin to feel that I’m racing against the clock. As for how you will do, I’m pretty sure you will breeze through it 😉

      1. 소희

        Wow that sounds much like the summer I had last year where I was rushing to finish my thesis 😉 I truly hope that your family member has recovered! Your exam question sounds challenging indeed. Now I’m even more impressed 😉 As for the TOPIK I don’t know. I’m planning on spending a lot of time with my preparation books this summer but they just seem so intimidating. Oh how I wish they’d kept the old format so intermediate learners wouldn’t constantly feel discouraged when looking at questions actually aimed at the advanced level. Happy studying 😉

      2. koreanlearner Post author

        Hehe, I’m sure you’re still busy – just with different, but no less important things.

        I also routinely long for the days of the old TOPIK format… My reaction when looking at TOPIK questions is often comparable to that of the squirrel in Ice Age whenever it looses its acorn…

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