Learning Log D-103

Recently my Korean learning has been based mostly on reading. Firstly because I haven’t had any language exchanges for many weeks, and secondly because I think I should really work on expanding my vocabulary. Most recent endeavours count:

I have re-started reading 유행어보다 재치있는 우리 100대 속담. I remember when I bought it and I had to spell my way through each and every sentence. In the end I put the book back on the shelf because it was just too time-consuming to go through, which quite frankly took a lot of the fun out of it. This time around it’s going a lot better, although I still look up many many words (when was the last time you had to say “playground slide” in Korean?). The fact that each proverb is explained in two short pages makes it easier to sit down and read even just a tiny bit if you’re short on time because you know that you can finish at least one proverb.

Harry Potter:
I have continued from where I left off last time. This time it’s a lot easier, but to make things a little more complicated I started reading after my digital curfew started one night wherefore I had to make do with a small paper dictionary instead of my iriver dictionary or Naver. The conclusion seems to be that the little paper dictionary isn’t quite extensive enough to help me through a book like Harry Potter. Also, it has no 한자… One would think that the vocabulary in these paper dictionaries is based on the frequency of use, but it does make you wonder how the word “dungeon” can sneak in, but the word “snout” is nowhere to be found. Is it really only pet owners who use the latter more often? Does everybody else have regular conversations about humid and poorly lit basements in castles?

Drama: 너를 사랑한 시간
I have watched the first episode and read a recap of the second. I think this one will be one I will watch-watch. So far I have slightly mixed feelings about it, but I like the actors and the Taiwanese version seems to be quite popular so I’ll give it a chance. Also, it should help me bring my vocabulary from the Joseon era to present day…

Drama: 화정
Ok, it’s probably universally known by now that I might have a penchant for historical dramas, so half an episode here and there in between must-do tasks is naturally in order.


8 thoughts on “Learning Log D-103

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Hellooo. Thanks for commenting 🙂
      I really want to like the drama, but sometimes it’s been testing my patience. I’m not up to speed, though, so since the writer changed, the tone of the drama has probably changed a little as well 🙂 Have you watched all the episodes that aired so far?

      1. Maddi

        I have. My main problem with this kind of drama is that they always start dragging near the middle. How many episodes do they expect us to watch where he likes her but doesn’t tell her?? But despite that, I’m 99% sure that I’ll watch the whole thing, because it still has its cute moments.
        Also, I didn’t know the writer had changed. That’s interesting. Maybe if I had known that I would have noticed a change in the tone. I don’t really follow what happens behind the production of dramas – I just enjoy the watching,

      2. koreanlearner Post author

        True, there are some cute moments 🙂 I tend to keep an eye on Dramabeans since I don’t always have time to watch and then I read recaps instead – and obscure news related to dramas/movies. This is usually where I find out a new drama is airing and decide whether to watch/read/let it be. I should catch up on watching 🙂

        I just hope they won’t follow this exact recipe:
        Episodes 1-4: the leads are incredibly annoyed by each other (in this they are besties, but ok).
        Episodes 5-8: They start realising they might actually like each other (drunk piggy-back-galore :-D)
        Episode 9 (assuming it’s a 16 episode drama, otherwise about 12 for a 24 episode version): First (intentional) kiss.
        Episode 10: filler episode where the leads are way too happy.
        Episode 11: quiet before the storm where anyone and his chaebol mother will conspire to conspire.
        Episodes 12-15: AAAAANGST and a possible trip to Crazyland.
        Episode 16: trying to catch all the screwballs and making a somewhat coherent ending out of it – unless it’s a filler episode to introduce episode 17 due to some odd extension after a football caused preemption.

      3. Maddi

        Your recipe is SPOT ON. (the drunk piggyback, chaebol mother, and AAAANGST parts made me laugh). And why do all dramas try to resolve all 16 hours of plot twists in the last 10 minutes of the drama? I’m rarely ever happy with the endings.
        Thankfully this one shouldn’t be toooo formulaic simply because they’re already BFFs, so things like drunk piggybacks can be interpreted by the other as just friendship. Also, there’s no chaebol mother to irritate the heck out of me.

      4. koreanlearner Post author

        Hahaha 😀
        I don’t know!!! The most frustrating thing is if all the episodes *except for the last 10 minutes* are enjoyable and as logically sound as they can get in Dramaland.

        I still don’t know what happend to Won’s family, but if they turn out to be chaebol living in the US and suddenly his mother decides to come back to Korea to meddle, I hope *someone* in the drama has watched enough dramas to know that a simple whack on the head should do the trick – she won’t remember why she hated anyone, and they can do hat PPLs for the rest of the drama since obviously no amnesiac person with an ounce of self respect would ever leave the house without a hat in Dramaland 😉

      5. Maddi

        Judging by the looks of Won’s house, there’s probably no chaebol mom about to come sashaying into the drama. *fingers crossed*
        And amnesia… Yet another typical drama plot twist. Have a couple happily in love? BAM! Amnesia! This should get the writers through at least another episode or two!

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