Korean weekend D-83

This weekend I have had a chance to really immerse myself in Korean. The weather here has been absolutely appalling so it’s been a perfect opportunity to just hole up with a steady supply of Korean books, dramas and tea.

I’ve finally reached page 70 in Harry Potter, and I read an interview for the sake of variation. Harry Potter is proving to be quite a challenge, but I’m working my way through it. I’m grateful that I’m familiar with the story since there are so many words to learn.

밤을 걷는 선비:
I’ve started 밤을 걷는 선비 and I have to admit I’m totally sold on this and its cuteness galore. What can I say, it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure. For once the “oh my God, she’s a woman!!!” reveal is dealt with in first few episodes instead of being saved for episode 12, which is A Good Thing. Of course that doesn’t mean that they leave out other drama tropes, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it so far. 이유비 can make the most incredible face expressions and nobody rocks a 한복 like 이준기 – seriously, he ought to consider just wearing a 한복 or a sharp suit all the time.
The song 비밀낙원 from the OST is totally addictive so beware before listening.

오 나의 귀신님:
This is hilarious, and I think this one will be my “modern language drama” instead of 너를 사랑한 시간. Language-wise it’s also enjoyable and they speak quite clearly so I don’t have too much trouble looking up new words.

Texting about various things over kakaotalk.

What are you guys reading or watching these days? Did any of you by any chance read the 만화 that 밤을 걷는 선비 is based on?


9 thoughts on “Korean weekend D-83

  1. Mirae90

    I’m still going through my textbooks since I’m like a super beginner. I also started reading Penguin loves Me because it’s simple and ridiculously adorable.

    My KDrama/Movie tastes lean more towards thrillers and spies so I’m never really sure what to watch lol.

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      Good luck with your studies 🙂
      It has taken me a looong time to get to a point where I don’t look at a regular book and think “망했다!”. Well, I often still do, but keep going!!!

      I usually check out dramabeans for inspiration when I’m in the market for a new drama or just to read recaps of dramas I don’t have time to watch-watch. If you don’t already know the site, Dramacool has a lot of dramas with subtitles. The Korean ones are usually updated super quickly both as raw versions and subbed 🙂

  2. Someday Korean

    Out of curiosity, where did you buy the first Harry Potter book? I love Harry Potter, so I wanted to pick up a Korean copy. I’ve been hunting around for it online, but I can’t find the first volume anywhere. 😦 [Well, I’ve found one or two, but they cost, like, $50+, which I think is insane. That’s more than a textbook!]

      1. koreanlearner Post author

        Ooooh some of them are out of print! what the???
        I’ll ask some of my Korean friends what they would recommend. Otherwise TwoChois could be helpful for sure

      2. koreanlearner Post author

        I hear that Kyobobook and Interpark are also reliable sites 🙂 I never used them myself so I don’t have experience with them and shipping abroad, but Korean friends have used them without any problems (inside Korea). You might want to check those out as well 🙂

  3. ChibiDani

    I also have the Harry Potter book in Korean but I don’t think I managed to make it past page 20 and it’s been 2 years! That book really is a challenge and I don’t know why – maybe it’s all the magic words and wizard names?

    We are both watching the same dramas!! Haha I’ve been out of the drama world for quite a while now but those two caught my eye and I love them!

    Good luck with your studies 🙂

    1. koreanlearner Post author

      I skipped the first chapter when I started. It’s horrible if you aren’t really good. The following chapters are a lot more forgiving. I’m currently at page 87. The more I progress, the faster it goes. Making it through first pages was a painfully slow experience…

      Haha, I approve of your taste in dramas! 😉


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