Language log D-78

During the past week I’ve been on a Korean binge, and I’m beginning to sense subtle differences in my skills:

1) I recognise more words from previous checks with the dictionary so I don’t need to look them up while reading. One of the more curious ones would be 오두막 (a hut, a cabin) – courtesy of Harry Potter.
2) I read slightly faster.
3) I recognise words that I came across in one context in other contexts. A word or verb I’ve heard in 밤을 걷는 선비 will suddenly surface in Harry Potter, and I instantly know it (fist pump!).
4) I’m beginning to hear some specific words everywhere because I’ve suddenly become aware of them.

So, what I’ve been doing?

Harry Potter

Watching both 밤을 걷는 선비 and 오 나의 귀신님. Whenever possible I’ve watched the raw editions first and then the subtitled ones.
Watching interviews on youtube. Some people add Korean subtitles, which is soooo helpful.
Listening to some Korean podcasts while doing things like printing out academic articles which is time consuming, utterly boring, and requires no mental engagement in what you’re doing other than ensuring that the paper doesn’t get stuck.

Listening to podcasts shows me exactly how far I am from fluency. Enunciation is clearly not a priority for many of these people whereas people on TV or radio news are trained in speaking clearly. Picking up new words from a podcast is close to impossible for me so it’s more about getting exposed to their way of speaking and training myself in listening to conversations where people e.g. interrupt each other.

Texting over kakaotalk.

Reading aloud from Harry Potter… And singing along to Korean music when alone.

As a short update on my “screen time project”, I think it’s working rather well. I spend less time online and when I do I usually do something language related.


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