Review: Korean sheet masks

A while ago I posted some pictures of some sheet masks that I bought. Now that I have used them for a while, here is a review.

Sheet mask haul 1

Sulwhasoo: Innerise Complete Mask
Sheet mask haul 3
I love this one!!!
Type: Gel mask
Fit: As close to perfect as it can get
Absorption: Very good
Feeling: It feels very hydrating. Overall it just feels very pleasant when you wear it.
Working with other products: This one I can use both for night sessions and in the morning without any problems. It absorbs nicely and any residue blends nicely with products that are applied after the mask is taken off regardless of it being night creams or day creams.

Beaute de Royal: Red Ginseng Mask Sheet
Sheet mask haul 4
This one has been taken off YesStyle – I think a new edition has been launched to replace it, but I haven’t tried the new one.
Type: Cotton sheet.
Fit: Too long. I have developed a technique of somehow folding it along my cheekbones to improve fit. When I do that it works just fine.
Feeling: hydrating and cooling – even if you don’t keep it in the fridge, although I like to put it in the fridge for extra cooling effect.
Working with other products: This one also blends nicely with both my day and night products.
Bonus: It does wonders for redness. If you’re going somewhere where you need to dress to impress, this mask can do that last thing for your skin to look its best.
A while ago I went through a phase with troubled skin, and once my mum saw me after wearing this one she exclaimed “what did you do? let me see you properly” – that was meant as a compliment.

Skin Food: Hydro Fitting Snail Mask Sheet
Sheet mask haul 2
Type: Cotton sheet
Fit: The mask is too long for my face. When I fit it around the eyes, the forehead part reaches about 1 cm into my hairline and the cut-out for the mouth needs to be adjusted by semi-folding the mask horizontally at the level of the nose because the cut-out for the mouth hangs below my mouth. Oddly enough that’s combined with a somewhat snug fit around the eyes, but that’s workable with some creative fitting.
Feeling: I’m trying to think of another word, but “wet” seems to be the best description. There’s loads of product on the mask and when it’s finally on it does hydrate well. That being said, I recommend lying down when wearing it or make sure not to speak too much to not inadvertently end up eating some of the product when the mask slides downward.
Absorption: Good. Once it’s on. And you sort of find an equilibrium…
Working with other products: I can only use this mask at night since it blends okay with my night-time products, but really poorly with my day-time products… so no Saturday morning pampering with this one.
The above sounds quite negative, but I do actually like the mask – just not the fit. Or rather the lack of it.

For all three:
The fit around the nose is not perfect for either mask. I never realised I have such a “big” nose until I tried on these masks. I think it’s a pretty standard Scandinavian nose, but just a tad big for these masks. I just make sure to distribute product on the parts of the nose which are not covered.


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