Watching 밤을 걷는 선비 with a friend

On Sunday I visited a friend, and we ended up watching the first episode of 밤 선비 together. We’ve known each other since our BSc days, but she also has a passion for writing fiction (she’s getting published soon!) so she’s used to looking at story lines in a slightly different way. Obviously we also share an interest in Asian cinema and TV so would there be a better thing to do than watch a drama episode after lunch/walk/talk/coffee? 

Her comments during the episode were hilarious, and I got some updates afterwards by text on how she progresses through the episodes that have aired so far. Her idea for a not-so-secret plan is to get 귀 out of his lair (which is a great word, by the way) and just force him into the sunlight – but obviously this would require way fewer episodes than scheduled by MBC, so we have decided to support the characters’ quest for the “secret plan” instead.


4 thoughts on “Watching 밤을 걷는 선비 with a friend

  1. Someday Korean

    Getting him in the sunlight would be brilliant. Unfortunately, this is a K-drama we’re talking about. That means complicated schemes, stupid mistakes, and drawn-out drama. They’d never dare to try anything so simple.

  2. koreanlearner Post author

    That would be basically three episodes: episode 1 where one vampire admits to being incompetent and then passes on the job by biting 성열, one filler episode with the two leads running from 귀 plus mandatory waterfall fan service, and one where they realise they could make windows in 귀’s cave and throw him a refurbishment celebration garden party during the day. The “secret plan” version is probably better for ratings 😀

    1. Someday Korean

      Haha… I literally laughed out loud at the “refurbishment celebration garden party”. Yes, that version, though more realistic (well, as much as a vampire drama can be realistic…), probably wouldn’t have great viewer response.


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