Monthly Archives: October 2015

Vicarious Korean studies

Yesterday I took a day off from work and studies to go and watch the second Korean Speech Contest held at Copenhagen University in cooperation with the Korean embassy. It was a great great experience although this time I was purely there as a spectator. Just observing things, I had every opportunity to just enjoy it without any of the anxiety that goes with participating. Next year I’d like to participate again, though!

I went to cheer on Sofie (hence the ‘vicarious’ part of the title of this post) who did soooo well. I’m sure will do a much more extensive update so make sure to follow her blog updates! I was home not too long after midnight, but wasn’t actually in bed until about 3 am because of 카톡 chatting en masse before getting ready for bed.

On a side note, she gifted me with some great skin care products from Korea so I should have every opportunity to take care of myself – Korean style – now that the weather is getting colder 😉 고마워 언니~~~

It was really inspiring to hear the speeches and it was a great reminder of how far you can come by studying every day – even as a hobby. So study, study, study everyone! even if it means just watching a drama episode at night sometimes because you are too tired after work or uni to sit and work hard with grammar. Listen to music, podcasts, you name it. Just make sure to get exposed to the language on a daily basis.