Meet-up D-15

This week I’ve taken two study-at-home-days to get back in the Korean drill and it feels like such a treat!

Since starting my new job, I have often been going to the office to study (great library facilities plus free coffee and an almost unlimited supply of food unlike university reading halls), and just made sure to sit in a different office than my usual one to make it clear I was not there for work. However, it’s a bit difficult (to me at least) to stay completely away from work when I’m physically in the same building so I would end up working a few extra hours in spite of my best intentions to just be all bookish for a day.

When I told someone that I would stay at home and study to make sure I wouldn’t get tempted to work, I immediately got a text back asking “are you well?!”. ㅋㅋㅋ

Since my last post this week I have managed to revise some grammar at night as well as watch some drama and listen to TTMIK 이야기.

As for drama watching, 별에서 온 그대 was recommended to me, and I was duly warned that next time we meet (in 15 days from today), I will be speaking Korean more readily wherefore I have started watching it – with Korean subtitles – to be as prepared as I possibly can. The Korean subtitles make it a quite time consuming task since I feel compelled to look up many more words, but it’s also really entertaining – paranormal aspects, general craziness, celebrity antics and all.

Happy studying!

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