Status update week 45

The first week with less work is now complete and everybody has survived. I still managed to put in just over 20 hours in the office, but in my newly found spare time I’ve been quite efficient too.

TTMIK 이야기: I have listened to some 25 episodes. Not all of them are equally long, but I’m actually a bit proud that I managed anyway. Some of them I listened to multiple times.
별에서 온 그대: just two episodes. But still that’s two episodes more than usual!
Writing: texting a fair bit with an old LP who is now in Korea.
Grammar: Revising some grammar from my 서강 books.
Reading: well, the trees don’t grow into the sky. I’ll make sure to read next week.

Plan for the upcoming week:
Wednesday and Thursday will be no-working days, Friday will be a half working day after my lecture is done.
Revise more grammar from 서강.
Listen to more 이야기 episodes and read scripts (aloud).
Watch drama whenever I have time. Preferably with Korean subtitles (my reading speed for Korean subtitles is pathetic).

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