Soju superstitions

Even if not surrounded by Koreans on a daily basis, some things you learn quickly as a Korean learner and one of them is to not pour your own soju. Although I have to admit to having done that once or twice…

The other day I was home alone with my mum since my father was out for dinner with a friend. We opted for some easy food with smoked mackerel on rye bread (pretty Danish), but since it wouldn’t be considered odd to have snaps (a Danish type of alcohol that comes in many varieties and is not unlike vodka) with such food, I suggested we had a bit of soju to go with it since 1) we rarely have alone dinners, 2) soju is not as strong, 3) I’ve had that bottle for aaaages since you’re not supposed to pour your own, which means you need someone to drink it with.

Her first reaction was to give me a look that was pretty much equivalent to “it’s Tuesday…?”. The good thing about bottles with screw caps, though, is that you don’t have to empty it in one go.

What really got on her very rational nerves, though, was the “don’t pour it yourself” part. What to say but “superstition says I won’t get married if I pour my own… then I would have to live here with you and dad… forever…”. Obviously I will move out next year regardless of my civil status, but she immediately reached for two glasses. HA!

Did she like soju then? “it’s really not bad”.


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