Japanese/Korean confusion

Leave it to me to convert a Japanese language partner to Korean TV series. Since some time back in October, I’ve met a Japanese speaking girl to prep for my weekly Japanese class on Wednesdays and to help her with Danish homework. Obviously I wasted no chance to introduce her to a bit of Korean, which has shaped conversations a little bit since then.

Next week she will visit some family elsewhere in Europe and then go back home so none of us were feeling particularly studious today. Naturally that meant that we ended up talking about Korean language and guys instead of geeking out on Japanese grammar and her (fairly odd) Danish book.

Last week I couldn’t go to my Japanese class due to studies and work, and today was obviously complete anarchy at our Japanese meeting so needless to say my Japanese was fairly rusty by the time I reached my class. But it was so worth it to just have a bit over an hour of undiluted girly gossip.

Rest assured that my Korean studies are pretty much on track, though.

How are your studies going? I can see in my reader that some of you already have holidays!!! 부러워요!


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