Voice messages

Yesterday I received a voice message over Kakao – partly in Korean, partly in English. Since that was the first time I ever received a recording I was pretty surprised. I’ve been encouraged to send recordings before, but I never had the courage do do so so receiving this message encouraged me to send a recording back.

It sounds so strange to hear your own voice at first. My (English) accent – I don’t think I’m anywhere near competent enough to judge my accent when speaking Korean – my voice itself; is that really what other people hear? In my first audio message I didn’t speak a lot of Korean, but in my second one this morning I talked about some vocabulary that I had come across so I did voice a few more things in Korean. I’ll try to up the percentage of Korean in future messages to actually speak-speak Korean even when recording.

This week I haven’t been able to post as much due to some pretty hefty deadlines that are looming, but once everything is under control – at some point during next week I hope – I will return! In the meantime I will have to stick to subjecting someone to recordings of my broken Korean.

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