Monthly Archives: June 2016

Korean cuss words

Last night during my weekly skype session we somehow turned to cuss words. I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but it did, and it was hilarious. His reasoning was that most tutors will not teach them, but you might need them! First he wanted to know which ones I already knew so he knew what we were working with, then he added a few – after asking for the source of my existing repertoire as always whenever I have a surprising word up my sleeve 😀

Then he figured it was time for a little language role play to reinforce memory – in case I meet some creep in Korea. Let’s just say we were moving a bit outside the realm of my usual vocabulary in most languages. At this point I already had problems keeping a straight face, and as it turned out it wouldn’t get any easier. In spite of having a pretty good idea of what was about to happen I was still caught off guard when he suddenly turned on the sleaze and said straight into the camera in Korean “hey, you’re so beautiful. Do you want to go to a motel with me?”

I froze for a moment just staring at him before I started laughing resulting in the reprimand “this is when your reply has to come automatically, BAM!”

I was let off the hook once I had managed to utter “bastard! don’t bullshit with me!” (the slightly less PG translation would be “you son of a bitch! don’t try to fuck around with me!”). Correct answer!

Seriously, I love our language meetings.