First day in Seoul

Today I finally arrived in Seoul! I’m the type of person who will doze off before take-off if not actively kept awake on a plane so I had hopes I would sleep a lot on my way here if I could stay awake during the first part of the trip. Well, I managed ok on my way to Helsinki (flight no. AY 666 to HEL – Finnish humour?), reading a couple of pages of my book and looking out the window before the inevitable slumber kicked in, but during the 8h 30 min flight to Seoul, it proved a little more difficult than usual.

My neighbour was a chatty young guy named 준수 who just barely managed to ask about my name before he asked if I had a boyfriend, proceeded to showing pictures of his girlfriend, and telling me about doing 수능 twice in order to go to medical school. He was nice enough, but by the time he got around to watching Kung Fu Panda, and I got to fill in my landing card, I thought I might as well have the dinner before trying to nap.

I managed to see one and a half movie and realise I had a “ballet ally” when we spotted each other doing variations of barre exercises in the back of the plane to keep our blood supply to all limbs towards the end of the flight before I managed to sleep at about 6:30 am Korean time.

One of my friends waited for me at the airport, helped get me a T-money card and some cash before going with me to my hotel. Since we were too early for check-in we went for (a very much needed) coffee before having lunch in a little street market where you have to exchange current day money into old-fashioned 냥 to buy food. My friend took a few pictures and I look happy, but so incredibly tired.

We spent the entire day looking at the city in walking distance from my hotel – a few min from the statue of 이순신, bought a few things, ate 빙수, and had 불고기 for dinner. Such a great day!

Today’s weird:

1) A random stall 아줌마 at the food market almost managed to surprise-feed me corn by sticking her hands in my face while I was speaking with my friend. I didn’t see that coming.

2) A Korean boy got to claim the prize for my first good Korean stare down when he downright stopped for a moment to just watch me when he was walking by us at lunch at the market. I was the only non-Korean there. Apart from that I haven’t had that many looks or maybe I just didn’t notice them. 

3) I’ve seen 송준기 in more posters than I would care to count where he looks suggestively at the camera while posing for a brand called “Kolon Sport”. I had to point out to my friend that they  would probably receive attention for entirely different reasons in Denmark, and now my friend cannot help but notice them e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e! I completely ruined them for her… Her father has outdoor clothes from that brand… oopsie…


2 thoughts on “First day in Seoul

    1. Mai Post author


      Seriously, it’s impossible to walk for 10 minutes without seeing either a giant poster with his picture or a cardboard cut-out at the entrance to some store.


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