Korea trip: Wearing hanbok in Jeonju

My posting schedule failed pretty quickly after arriving in Korea because I’ve simply been experiencing so many things, but here are some pictures from my trip to Jeonju!

I’m here with a friend who suggested that we went sightseeing in the city wearing hanboks. We rented hanboks for 1.5 hours and off we went! There are so many people in this city wearing hanboks, but so far I haven’t seen another non-Asian in hanbok.

The reactions were pretty good. Some people greeted us in the street, some even adding that we looked pretty 🙂

Since we left our bags at the hanbok rental shop and just brought our phones, we had no cash to enter a walled park. That didn’t stop us from having a sneak peek, though. My friend noted after taking the picture to the left that I have this tendency to look mischievous in quite a lot of my photos and she has nicknamed the picture to the right my “frog photo”.

Of course there was also time for a “cute photo” – which caused some random bloke driving by in a car to wave at us…

Hanbok 4

My brother’s reaction to the photos was “you… didn’t get married… right?”


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