From online to offline

While here in Korea I have met two people I have otherwise only known online though Italki: my professional tutor and a language partner with whom I have only exchanged text messages through Kakaotalk. For privacy reasons there will be no pictures, though 🙂

I have taken quite a few lessons with my tutor over the past 8 months and we have spoken about so many things that we know each other quite well by now. Meeting in real life, having dinner, drinks, looking at shops, and going to watch a play together – it’s been such a treat to be able to do these things!

In the case of my language partner, I haven’t mentioned her a lot, but we have been in touch for some months. Our contact has been a little more sporadic because of our work situations and the time difference working against us, and until yesterday we had only exchanged texts. However, we recognised each other without any problems when we met at Gangnam Station and then we went café hunting before heading out for dinner. We are 동갑, the same age, and thankfully we also got along well in real life and managed to speak a good mix of English and Korean. When in need of an unknown word, Naver was never far away. We have agreed that when I return to Denmark we should try to do voice talks from time to time so we can continue speaking; just 15 min for each language so we can stay in touch and practice speaking, but not so long that it becomes impossible to schedule 🙂

A year ago I hadn’t even heard of Italki, but I have been really lucky to meet some great people who have helped me improve my Korean as well as make my stay here even more unforgettable.

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