Missing Korea

This post is my first post since returning home, and the first post written in my new flat. I came home yesterday afternoon, and while it’s great to see my family again and I enjoy my flat, I already miss Korea, my friends there, the food, and a little surprisingly to many: the weather. Yes, you read that right; I miss the hot and humid Korean summer.

I like heat so I don’t actually mind the Korean heat for as long as I don’t feel like I’m being burned by the sun. I will definitely not mind experiencing another Korean summer. The contrast to the Danish weather makes returning home a somewhat uncomfortable experience, though. It’s currently 18 degrees Celcius and cloudy…

One of the boys by the swings outside my window is wearing a T-shirt, but I’m huddled up in my flat wearing a woolen cardigan. In August. I even slept with a blanket over my duve last night!

Aaaaah, those days with obscene amounts of Korean food, daily practice of Korean, seeing beautiful historical sites and landmarks, and meeting friends.

Mig og Sofie i Seoul

I and Sofie finally met in Seoul as well 🙂

DSC06998ChangdeokgoongJeonju aftenBlomst regnvejr



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