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Same-age friends?

I have a good friend whom I met through work. She started in the same department just a few months after me, and we moved departments together last year. We’ve also been meeting outside work as well for both classical concerts and quirky French movies so our conversations have been going somewhat further than the oddities found in insurance policies at work. Except, as it turns out, the topic of our ages. It just never came up before. I did know she is older than me, but honestly I just didn’t give the exact age gap much thought.

My age was revealed in conversation about my birthday tomorrow (my 26th). Hers when the talk turned to the age of her boyfriend.
Her: He’s 35. like me…
Me: Thir… you’re 35? really?
Her: Yeah
Me: I had no idea.
Her: I guessed as much…

It was such a comical situation. Well, it doesn’t change anything, now I just know which age to write on her birthday card 😉

Afterwards I couldn’t help but think that this would NEVER have happened in Korea.