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Things you find weird when living abroad

Cup 컵
Cup of coffee 컵의 커피
Heating system 난방
Snow 눈
Special 특별한
Stamp (for sending letters) 우표
Tradition 전통
Winter 겨울

Small words and expressions
All the time 언제나
Almost 거의
Always 항상
At least 어떻든
Frequently 자주

To choose 선택하다
To queue 줄짓다 more common: 줄서다 ~ to stand in a line
To remove snow 눈을 치우다
To turn off 끄다
To wait 기다리다

Worries and stress

Worry 걱정
Stress, pressure 압박
Parents 부모님 (already plural, don’t add -들-)
Management 경영
Management degree 경영학
Commercial law 상업
Commercial law degree 상업학

Bonus info: Telling others about your university degree:
The -학 comes from a 한자 character 學 that is used primarily to note “-ics” endings. For instance: economics, politics, statistics.
Speaking of your university degree as an overall entity can be a little difficult in Korean, since in Korean, it is more normal to talk about your “major”. My degree is not based on majors and minors so to account for this difference in university systems, the -학 can come in handy.

Small words that are good to know
Again 다시

To prefer 선호하다
To acknowledge 인정하다
To be acknowledged 인정받다 Notice: 받다 ~ to receive. Being acknowledged ~ receiving acknowledgement
To search 검색하다
To find 찾다

Movies and dramas

Cinema 극장
Drama 드라미
Film 영화
Genre 유형
Murder 살인
Popular 인기있는
Television 텔레비전
World 세계

All over the world 전 세계의

To be dark 어둡다
(also about atmosphere)
To call. 부르다
To understand 이해하다
To watch 보다