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No wifi in new flat

As you know, I now have my own flat (will move this week!), and with moving comes expenses… going through line items in my budget a while ago, I noted that phone/internet/state license fees add up to quiiiite a bit on a yearly basis.

The last bit might need a bit of explaining for non-Danes. Here in Denmark, you’re required to pay a license fee to the state if you have a TV/tablet/computer/smartphone whether or not you actually use the device to access public service media. This alone adds up to a couple of hundred of dollars per year – for access to programmes I never watch… Looking through my budget to locate other things that stood out, my eyes fell on the broadband and my phone bill. Maybe I could do with just the data plan on my phone? With the working hours I am going to keep when I start working full time from September, I won’t have time to spend hours online at home anyway and my mum thinks it sounds nice if I would come home to watch dramas together with her sometimes on weekends anyway.

I couldn’t find a plan online which matched my needs so I called my phone provider to ask about possibilities to remodel my plan so I would have more data and fewer calling hours included. The guy on the other end of the line told me that actually they were planning to launch a new product which would have a structure much more suitable for my needs and which happened to be half the price of my existing plan. He offered to sign me up for some sort of waiting list and when it finally launched he would change my plan and refund the difference in price that would have accrued while I was on the waiting list. Yes please!!! My new plan is now functional and I got a notice that I will get money back 🙂

The result is that I won’t have wifi at home, but I will only have 15 GB data per month, which should be enough to keep up with my skyping sessions with my family abroad and with my Korean tutors and language partner, e-mails, the odd search for information and blogging – assuming I write while offline. But I probably won’t have data for much more than that… That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, as I’m trying to spend less time online as it is. Who knows, maybe I will even end up studying much more Korean when my internet access diminishes radically 😉

New flat

Today I got the keys to my new flat! It almost seems a little surreal.

So far I’ve had the locks changed, defrosted the freezer, done cartwheels in my new living room, talked to the friend of the family who will kindly help me paint and fix a few things, and just tried to wrap my head around the fact that I’m a home owner.

Now it’s just a matter of time before the paint is dry and I can move my own little Korean/law library into my new space 🙂

I want to go to Korea! But first…

Well, don’t we all?! In my case there are a few hurdles to overcome before I can go: an oral exam later this month, a report which keeps haunting me, and last but not least a thesis (spanning up to 182,000 characters including spaces between words) in which I have to make some somewhat intelligent remarks on the supervision of financial institutions.

In order to be able to take a Korean summer class in Seoul in just a few months I have to hand in my thesis some four-five weeks before the official deadline to be sure to have my thesis defense before flying to Seoul. That means that it has to go to print at the end of April, which makes for a super tight schedule!

Today I finally started writing on my draft in preparation for my first proper meeting with my two thesis advisers. 할 수 있어요!

Last day at my (now) old job

I just came home from my last day at work before starting at my job one next week. That means that I now have a few days to dedicate to academic readings – and of course KOREAN!!!

Honestly it was a bit odd to leave at the end of the day since I’ve been there for 2.5 years, although everyone seems to think I’d been there for much longer. At least I got to leave on a good note with no lose ends in my tasks and a good atmosphere (giving cake probably helped too ;-)). Some of my supervisors and colleagues even told me that I’m always welcome to return if I happen to not like my new job, which is a sentiment I really appreciate.

So. Now it’s time for Korean!!!

Summer holidays!!!

Today I had my last final exam before the summer holidays! It was an oral exam with sooo much to discuss, and I almost made a stupid mistake, but thankfully I managed to save it so it went really well 🙂 That also means that  I can finally begin to plan my summer studies to get the most out of my days. Tomorrow I will make an actual study plan so I can see exactly what I’m up against – I suspect there might be a nasty surprise waiting….

This year I have decided I absolutely won’t do overtime at work during July or I won’t have time to put in enough time in my studies, and this year they really must take priority. I’m even planning to go to the library whenever I can with a friend who is completing her thesis over the holidays. 

All in all, I’m really looking forward to the “holidays” 😀

Happy studies everyone!!!

I. Need. Korean.

So, like the Korean addict I am, I have to read a bit of Korean today. It’s not like I study law or economics efficiently from morning to night anyway so I might as well take a break and read some Korean at some point today. Yesterday I just had to watch a bit of 화정.

It should be a pretty good incentive to get some stuff done quicker as well. First I really must finish some readings about commercial agents and then: TTMIK articles!

Exams coming up…

I think I’m entering a typical pre-exam phase now. It’s not characterised by panic, but by a tremendous urge to do anything but study until I manage to finally sit down and just read. Once I do it’s usually interesting enough, but the process of getting there is paved with a few too many good intentions that are usually not entirely study related. Doing dishes? laundry? general de-cluttering? the other day I even considered whether it was time for defrosting the freezer.

Yesterday and today have been frighteningly slow days for me. Today I have read a chapter on the economic wisdom behind vicarious liability, but I still have quite a bit to go… But never fear, my studies never leave me entirely – yesterday I had a short nap where I managed to dream about liability rules… practical for revision, but otherwise slightly tragic. 

It’s only a matter of time before I develop Korean study withdrawal symptoms.

To all other students out there: 화이팅!