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신부 이야기 (만화)

Through Italki I’ve messaged with someone who recommended the 만화 called 신부 이야기. It was originally published in Japanese, but the translation to Korean is quite nice.

It’s set in the 19th century around the Caspian Sea, and the story follows 20 year old bride 아미르 and her 12 year old child groom 카르르크. Due to the age difference they are considered a bit of an odd pairing… 아미르 is a quite active young lady who has an outgoing personality and knows her way around a bow and arrows so it should be interesting to see how the relationship with her new family unfolds.

The drawings are absolutely beautiful so if in need of some new 만화 inspiration, you might want to check it out.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you will have a splendid 2015. 2014 has been a quite stressful year, but it’s also been a good year. The past few weeks have been tough, but there should be hope it will all end well.

This has been the most chaotic Christmas and New Year to date in our family. When my mum told my brother over the phone that she had bought a Christmas tree and we were waiting for delivery, it went like this:
My mum: it was quite dark, but the silhouette looked rather nice.
My brother: If only you knew how many have said that throughout the ages.
My mum: …

That exchange pretty much characterised our Christmas this year.

Looking back on my Korean journey, I’ve done one big thing related to Korean language every year since I started studying Korean in 2012. In 2013 I sat my first TOPIK exam, and 2014 was the year in which I participated in a Korean speaking competition – slightly unwillingly, but as you know it ended surprisingly well.

2015 is almost here so it makes sense to think about some of the things I would like to work on next year. My next “big project” will definitely be the intermediate TOPIK.

1) Study until and including level 9 of TTMIK grammar lessons.
2) Be able to hold out for at least five minutes in conversation before going into “네…” mode.
3) Pass TOPIK level 3

The first that comes to mind is to not accidently read katakana that look confusingly similar to 한글 out in Korean during Japanese class. E.g. 그 vs. コ.

I still need to figure out actual goals for Japanese. Until now I’ve just gone with the flow in class.

Happy New Year! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Sunday Status D-307

Hi guys, sorry about the delay. The last week was a bit turbulent since I was busy with my last week of lectures this semester, and had to deal with a medical emergency in my family. For that reason my Korean studies have been fairly limited last week.

I did, however, learn something new related to nuances of vocabulary I learned in 오만과 편견 which I will post in a separate post 🙂

D – 328

Tonight I activated a new widget on my electronic dictionary: a countdown to the TOPIK II want to attend next year.
I’ll go for the October installment, which will be on the 17th of October in Europe.

In my future learning logs/Sunday Status posts, you will therefore find the days remaining mentioned in the title.

For some reason 328 days doesn't seem like a very long time in this context!

For some reason 328 days doesn’t seem like a very long time in this context!


Sunday status

I think my learning logs have been suffering lately and I therefore decided to make a schedule for them: every Sunday I will post an overview of what I’ve been doing related to Korean.

With my LP:
– Texting in Korean
– Speaking Korean/Danish – mostly Danish
– Watching a few videos of 비정상회담

On my own:
– Listening to music
– Watching 오만과 편견 episodes 3 and 4 (one word: 대박!)
– Thinking of what to say at the speaking contest – should I eventually sign up. I actually started writing a little bit… Just a tiny bit… I’ve decided that I will prepare some sort of speech next week and then see where it goes. If nothing else, it’s a good exercise.

This upcoming Friday I will go to London for a family visit so my schedule will be a bit tight, but hopefully it will be manageable.

Book reviews coming up

It’s been a while since I made any reviews.

Coming up:

1. Complete Guide to the TOPIK (beginner and intermediate).
2. Modern Korean – An Intermediate Reader

Please note that the TOPIK books are for the old format, but that’s exactly why I want to review them – so people have a better idea of what they get if they decide to buy them anyway.

Summer holidays!

Tomorrow I can finally study Korean. Although it was difficult to not touch Korean at all for several weeks, it was necessary to be able to balance work and studies, and it turned out to be a good investment. My exam is finally over and it went really well so I couldn’t be happier right now. Since it was an oral exam I got the result straight away and was spared the usual waiting time after exams.

To have something nice to look forward to after the exams, I had arranged a cinema date with my mother since it’s been a while since we went to the cinema. I know there are a few Japanese students out there, and I can definitely recommend the Japanese movie “Like Father, Like Son” (the Danish translation goes “My Son’s Family” but I don’t know which is the better translation since my Japanese is limited to ‘hello’ and ‘yes’. The original is そして父になる).

Quick intro to the movie: two families find out their sons were switched at the hospital where they were born, which means they have been raising the wrong child for six years. What do you do once you find out something like that? Is it even possible to switch them back? It’s a very touching movie that provides food for thought concerning what exactly makes a family. Also, the boy portraying Keita is the most adorable child I have seen onscreen for a long time.

If you have time it’s definitely worth seeing.

Now I’ll be off to celebrate my exam with a glass of champagne – it seems that acing an exam in my father’s old field of work warranted a bottle waiting in the fridge for me to come home!

Motivated by other learners’ progress

In two days I wilk have my final exam before the summer holidays and I will finally be able to study Korean – and cut down on my coffee consumption, but that’s a different matter.

I had no Korean exchange for two weeks! I can see on my reader and my search term statistics that the TOPIK scores from the April exam have been published, which makes me all the more keen to study Korean NOW! Just two more days…

I hope all you test takers out there are proud of your results and feel motivated to learn even more. At least, it makes me super motivated to read about your language learning journey; what has worked for you, what you think needs more effort, and what you will do to improve for next time.

Happy studies everyone, 화이팅!

Tidbit from my life

These days all I do is work, read, and sleep. While I would love to have an extra hour or two per day, maybe I’m more up to speed than I thought. Or at least, I’m not as lost as some other students.

A girl sitting next to me in class was apparently not quite on top of the syllabus. Note this was not the first lecture:

Her: did you buy the books yet?
Me: yes
Her: how much did they cost?
Me: I don’t remember exactly, some £30 each or so
Her: is there a lot to read?
Me: it’s not too bad
Her: do we need to calculate a lot?
Me: sorry?
Her: I mean, do we have to do a lot of maths?
Me: I don’t think so… It’s corporate law…

I sure hope the other students are a bit more enthusiastic about the class or it will end up being the place brain cells go to die.