Discussion topics

These are the topics that I have discussed with my Korean language partner so far. When we think of a topic, we try to choose something that helps us get to know each other better and something you might encounter in a real-life situation.

Perhaps you can find some inspiration for your own studies 🙂

In chronological order:

Fall semester 2012
1. Self-introduction, incl. our family
2. Movies and dramas
3. Worries
4. Things you find weird when living in another country
5. Superstitions
6. Student jobs/work experience
7. Childhood memories
8. Traditions
9. Introduction of best friend
10. Embarrassing moments
11. What kind of house would you like to live in? (old TOPIK 쓰기 question)
12. A memorable trip/holiday (old TOPIK 쓰기 question)
13. Our respective educational systems
14. The monarchy in our respective countries
15. Experiences with children
16. The most interesting classes I’ve had
17. Hobbies
18. Food
19. Skin care
20. Facebook
21. How do you celebrate New Year/spend the first day of the new year? (old TOPIK 쓰기 question)
22. Retell a folktale you were told as a child

Spring semester 2013
23. Music and playing an instrument
24. Marathons
25. Our family members
26. Tutankhamon (yes, the pharaoh)
27. Young people moving out from home: when? Expectations from family? Family dynamics
28. Bicycles: a mode of transportation or leasure only?
29. Internet and addiction
30. Baking
31. Things that you find difficult when living abroad all alone
32. Traditions concerning engagement rings and wedding rings
33. Easter
34. Saving up money
35. Snacking

Sat the beginner TOPIK

Next time:

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