Korean starter-kit

Some people have asked me where to find the very basics of Korean. So here are my suggestions:

1. Start with the alphabet
It’s a phonetic alphabet (24 letters) which makes it a lot easier than it looks. Romanisations are nice approximations, but learning the alphabet will make it infinitely much easier to learn the proper pronunciation.

YouTube videos:
Learn to read and write hangeul – part 1
Learn to read and write hangeul – part 2

Sweet and Tasty:
Learn Korean 1: pronounce the alphabet
Learn Korean 2: write the alphabet – basic consonants and vowels
Learn Korean 3: double consonants
Learn Korean 4: dipthongs (complex vowels and compound vowels)

2. Look at TTMIK’s Level 1 free classes online
It’s easy to follow and it’s fun 🙂 here‘s the link.

3. Supplement your studies with books
Most will get some kind of books at some point even if they continue to use the free material as well. Check out some book reviews here and see what you prefer 🙂
I try to add to the book review category all the time so you can see which books are out there and how they differ. For now there are reviews that I have done, but I will link to other learners as well 🙂

Questions or comments? Please leave a comment below 🙂

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