Q: What is a webtoon?
A: It’s an online cartoon.

Q: Where to find webtoons?
A: Naver publishes a lot of webtoons that you can read free of charge. If you go to www.naver.com, on the front page you can see the menu called 웹툰. That leads you to a large collection of webtoons where you can choose whichever genre you like.


Penguin loves Mev
This was recommended to me by my language partner.
Plot: “Penguin” is a Korean girl who lives in the UK with her British sweetheart and you follow their life together.
Why it is good for Korean learners (especially beginners):
– There are English translations in the margin if you get stuck in the Korean text.
– The dialogue is fairly basic, but uses words you probably wouldn’t come across in your regular text books (at least I have yet to come across e.g. the sound effects for a ‘headbutt’ in the Sogang series…)
– There are a lot of episodes published already so there is a lot to read!
Link: Penguin loves Mev

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