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Specialised vocabulary: Politics

제도 ~ institution
군주제 ~ monarchy
군주 정치 ~ monarchy

왕 ~ king
여왕 ~ queen
귀족 ~ nobility
자리 ~ position (in the sense of responsibility and social status)
차지하다 ~ to occupy a position

힘 ~ power (in the sense of influence)
법 ~ law
폐지 ~ abolishment
검열 ~ censorship
신문의 검열 ~ censorship of newspapers

폐지하다 ~ to abolish
약화시키다 ~ to weaken (e.g. someone’s power)
처형하다 ~ to execute
처형되다 ~ to be executed
처형시키다 ~ to have someone else executed
추방하다 ~ to deport/exile
추방되다 ~ to be deported/forced into exile
남아 있다 ~ to remain
속이다 ~ to deceive

Verb ending with -시키다 ~ to have someone…..