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Nooo! don’t give him shoes!

The other day at work I ended up in a small group of people talking about buying Christmas and birthday presents. One colleague had just been gifted with a set of knives for her birthday by her boyfriend – in spite of being all thumbs in a kitchen according to herself – and an other colleague was contemplating buying shoes for her boyfriend for Christmas.

I wonder if I had thought twice about giving such presents just a few years ago. This time I ended up thinking “of ALL the things you could come up with…”. I naturally kept that to myself.

Obviously, it’s superstitions, and the one about knives is also known outside Korea, but I immediately thought about how we were basically making rounds in the “don’t-give-category” according to Korean traditions and slowly ticking off every item on the list.

A tiny culture shock right there in my home country.

Do you know your blood type?

Knowing that blood type matters in Korea, for anecdotal and/or superstitious reasons, I’ve tried to find out what blood type I am since I was having a blood test anyway. But it’s a lot more difficult than anticipated.
Apparently that’s not something they can just tell me (unless testing for blood donation stuff), and getting pregnant just to have the test does not sound like the best long-term strategy. Seriously, my doctor said they would test me if I wanted to start a family but otherwise no.

It seems that you can also pay to have it done in some particular clinics, but it costs some £200 :-O I might just wait a little bit before embarking on that adventure!

Do you know your blood type? When did you get to know it? Did the doctor just tell you?