Exam day

Good to know:
Hold on to the exam slip that you show to enter the room. Chances are that you cannot remember your 10 digit long candidate number when the scores are published some 2 months later and you need to type in your candidate number to see your score on the website. So don’t toss it in a bin on your way out.

The TOPIK consists of 4 sections:
1) Vocabulary & Grammar
2) Writing
3) Listening
4) Reading

On the test day, the exam is split into two with a break between the sections:
Section 1: Vocabulary & Grammar/ Writing (90 min)
Section 2: Listening/ Reading (90 min)

Vocabulary & Grammar
Multiple choice, 4 options for each question
30 questions

Written answers:
Complete sentence/paragraph, writing sentences/paragraph: 3-5 questions

Short essay writing: 1 question
Elementary level ~ 150-300 letters
Intermediate level ~ 400-600 letters
Advanced level ~ 700-800 letters

Multiple choice: 10 questions

Multiple choice: 30 questions

Multiple choice: 30 questions

Some suggest getting the writing part out of the way in the first part of the exam before answering the vocabulary and grammar questions.
The essay is usually considered the most difficult and stressful part of the exam because of the lack of dictionary, and writing a decent essay is likely to take longer than answering the multiple choice questions. Getting it over with might help on anxiety.

2 thoughts on “Exam day

  1. alodia

    What I did, I checked the essay question first the moment we were allowed to open the test booklet. Then I proceed in answering the vocab/grammar & writing exam first, as quickly as possible, while thinking what I could possible write in the essay part and noting down vocabs and grammar that I encounter that might be helpful in writing my essay.


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