Personal TOPIK scoreboard

As you’ve probably realised by now, I like to keep track of my progress. Therefore I have made a “score board” so I can keep track of how well I do in the old TOPIK tests over time.

The file allows me to keep track of:
1. Which of the old TOPIK tests I have done
2. When I’ve done them
3. How well I have done in the individual sections
4. How the result corresponds to the different TOPIK levels.

If any of you would like to use it, feel free to download the file 🙂

Click on the file to download in pdf format: TOPIK score board

5 thoughts on “Personal TOPIK scoreboard

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    1. koreanlearner Post author

      That’s a good idea as well! I suppose I’m just a bit late to the party hehe. But it’s nice to have the scores collected one place, that way it’s much easier to see how you develop in each of the areas 🙂


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