Worksheet: Numbers

It has taken me quiiiiite a while to get the hang of the Korean numbers.
Therefore I was really happy when I found several exercises in Chapter 9 of Basic Korean – A Grammar and Workbook (by Andrew Sangpil Byon).

I have taken 4 of the exercises from the book and written into a practice sheet so that you guys also have the possibility to practice.

There are two exercises for native Korean numbers and two for sino-Korean numbers. The first consists of translating translate numbers written in 한글 into figures, and the second is translating figures into 한글. Great practice.

I could have sat down and just made a list myself (as you can as well), but the beauty of the exercises from the book is that all of them have answer keys so I won’t end up misleading you through any systemic mistakes I might make. I will, however, not add more exercises for numbers from this book for copyright reasons.

I rediscovered this book just a few days ago can greatly recommend it. I will add doing a review of it to my to-do list so you can see what it contains and why I like it.

Answers will be added shortly in a separate document.

Download worksheet in pdf-format:Worksheet, numbers


4 thoughts on “Worksheet: Numbers

  1. Elie

    Thank you so so much for this!!! I have a workbook, but I did all of the exercises and was struggling to find more studying material! Salanghaeyo!


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